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Parabellum helps its clients to design, build and test their health, safety and emergency systems.  A rigorous program of risk assessments is followed by system design and delivery, training and testing, certification and compliance.

Our specialists have successfully implemented systems for:

  • Regulatory approval/ compliance
  • Aviation authority / airport licensing exercises
  • Safety case approvals
  • Emergency management system design and training
  • Integrity-critical fire systems inspection and servicing and purchasing
  • Environmental plans.

High-level & Critical Stakeholder Engagement

A major client was planning to apply for environmental approval for a drilling program in the Great Australian Bight in South Australia. The level of engagement with key stakeholders was on a scale never attempted before. Experienced staff, who now work for Parabellum, were the senior people responsible for this project. They took the lead on direct engagement with over 25 stakeholder groups, including local government, the oyster farmers and tuna fishing associations, emergency services, police, and politicians. We designed and presented an integrated Emergency Management Framework across multiple states to support the submission of the Environmental Plan. The project was well-placed to proceed on an Emergency Management front when the client withdrew from the area for economic reasons.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, if you need expert advice and support
contact Parabellum for a confidential conversation.

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